Brick by brick, building a bridge into a new market – that’s what we do. A globally active venture often needs partners with international experience combined with deep-seated knowledge of often very specialized domestic market idiosyncrasies and trade structures. Mid-sized manufacturers who have not (yet) developed an effective export sales force can especially benefit from such a partnership to break the typical German gatekeeper barriers.

For our international Principals – companies which we represent – we develop and manage individualized national operating processes using a strategic wide-angle perspective.

Your benefits: 

  • one competent local contact
  • one single clearly delineated concept and 
  • one dedicated team of specialists provide the deciding edge for success. 

The clear advantage to this approach is that the product and brand message remains consistent and on target rather than becoming diluted through the involvement of multiple marketing silos.

Through a multichannel sales management and marketing strategy we were able to successfully introduce a complex product to the German market with consistent brand positioning. In addition, strong after-sales support helped solidify trade customer relationship management