Integrated Trade Marketing

Integrated Trade Marketing

Classical trade marketing as a sub-discipline of vertical marketing focuses on the marketing process between the manufacturer, distributor and retailer. The objective is to maximize the position of the manufacturer within the retailer’s product offering and optimally to become a preferred supplier. Integrated trade marketing enables us to further fine tune a strategy for a specific product.

The more complex and internationally diverse markets become, the more important it is to have a clear and structured plan right from the start. Proven strategies for domestic markets often fail to achieve their goals when applied in foreign settings. Those components which are vital to economic success must be identified, analysed, assessed and organized so that a complete concept can be developed that both motivates and unites manufacturer and distributor/retailer.

Our international Principals find that our integrated trade marketing approach is better able to meet their goals through the effective implementation of our network specialists. An important element in developing an effective strategy is B2B/B2C communication that drives awareness of product benefits through all relevant sales channels.

The understanding of domestic market circumstances but also the correct appraisal of cultural idiosyncrasies are major elements towards a successful market introduction. The foundation on which we build is based on:

  • analysis and appraisal of the current and expected development of the local market
  • brand positioning based on the relationship of brand essence to market segment 
  • planning and realization of an integrated marketing communication strategy
  • development of a network of cooperation partners
  • marketing and sales management to accompany launch and long-term support of trade partners