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Networking strategies, consistent implementation, a dedicated team.


Trade flow is global. Trade marketing functions locally. We see ourselves as navigators to cross the divide.


Every person has an individual profile. Products and services are no different. We focus on creating specific solutions for unique challenges.


INTRADE HINGST Integriertes Trademarketing is a young company with a long history. In classical trade marketing we have already opened as dedicated agent and channel partner many doors for our international Principals. Now we have taken it a step further.

Through our implementation of integrated trade marketing we combine diverse elements to create an individualized strategic foundation and to achieve our goal for a more focussed and coordinated strategy for the products and brands of our Principals. From this core we are able to develop a customized and targeted course of action for all further marketing initiatives.

A network of specialists from marketing and communication, brand development and research, design, warehousing, logistics and shipping as well as finance law contribute in shaping an interconnected process that begins with market analysis. This continues into product communication up until market introduction and/or market penetration. Through this interplay of marketing components we create sustainable revenue instead of short-term sales.

We see ourselves as both pilot and anchor as we insure that our international clients sail safely through unknown waters. A deep understanding of the market terrain and its complex structures facilitate a smooth entry. In the process we always stay focussed on our objective: financial success plus effective and long-term value creation for our Principals.


We have been in business a long time. Our experience in a leading position with one of the most prestigious sourcing and service companies for the European pharmaceutical industry serves our present clients and Principals well.

Integrated Trade Marketing

Classical trade marketing as a sub-discipline of vertical marketing focuses on the marketing process between the manufacturer, distributor and retailer. The objective is to maximize the position of the manufacturer within the retailer’s product offering and optimally to become a preferred supplier. Integrated trade marketing enables us to further fine tune a strategy for a specific product.


Brick by brick, building a bridge into a new market – that’s what we do. A globally active venture often needs partners with international experience combined with deep-seated knowledge of often very specialized domestic market idiosyncrasies and trade structures.


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